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Subway Patrons Toke Up

Marijuana sold at a Subway franchise
For a fee, patrons of a Subway get extra. photo / oldmaison

What would Jared do?

Presidents with Franchise Connections

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas
A Rangers game in Arlington,Texas.  photo by texas mustang

WASHINGTON—It's Presidents' Day. Time to look retrospectively at our Presidents. Two United States Presidents have had direct experience with franchises — our two latest. 

Pure Power Boot Camp Fined $4K For Reading Email

The franchisor, Commander BrennerShe smokes cigars. She wears a camouflage bikini. She is a franchisor.

Don't Smoke Heroin on Video

First rule of being a crook: be careful when you're being watched.

Domino's Sets Wage Record

Wages in Japan are high, but $31,000 an hour is still a record.

Bankrupt Zee Owes Employee $25M

A former franchise employee is owed almost $25 million by his now-bankrupt former employer.

Meth Taken Off Menu At Sonic

Sonic's crystal meth cook will be chowing down in prison.

Pressure on Petland After Rabbit Killing

A Petland employee pled not guilty to animal cruelty after she drowned two rabbits and posted a grinning photo on Facebook.