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The QSR franchise sector remains the most dominent component of the franchise industry

SEIU Faces Potential of Numerous Lawsuits and Millions in Fines

If this report from Fox News is on target and its prediction is true this is good news for franchising and the franchised home care sector.

Why the Franchise Industry Needs to Increase Franchising Education Activities

Ashley Stewart, Staff Writer for the Puget Sound Business Journal writes on a proposal to implement a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, Washington. To describe the implications of this proposal on small businesses and especially franchisees Stewart uses the example of Subway franchisee, Matthew Hollek.

Five Important Questions the Franchise Industry Should Answer

The franchise industry should be able to find a way to answer five questions about franchising. Whether it’s the IFA, the Census Bureau, an academic institution or another entity, this is fundamental information that ought to be available on a regular basis.

Franchising Growth in 2012: This Time Is Different?

In 2010 Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff wrote a book entitled “This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly”.    Writing on the heels of the Great Recession the book’s message was a simple one:  no matter how different the latest financial crisis always appears, there are remarkable similarities with past experiences from other countries and from history.

Buying a Franchise? Why I Wrote a Manual

I often considered writing another book about franchising and was undecided whether it would be a re-write of my previous book, Franchising From the Inside Out.

How the Franchise Industry Misused the Internet

This is the first of five articles that comprise a White Paper titled The Internet and the Franchise Industry; How an Industry Misused the Internet.  This paper describes the history of Internet communications in the Franchise Industry and suggests ways to improve the current situation.

Census Bureau’s First Release of Franchise Data

It's taken a long time but finally an agency of the Federal Government will provide statistics on the franchise industry.