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Pure Barre Pre-Investment Franchise Due Diligence Report Now Available through Releases Due Diligence Report for Pure Barre Franchises

62 Percent of Franchisors Now Disclose Franchise Earnings

As the publisher of three annual books on franchising and the manager of eight websites that deal solely with franchising, the World Franchising Network has long been fascinated with the increasingly favorable trend among franchisors to provide Financial Performance Representations (Item 19s) in their Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs).

Too Big to Fail

As the founder of the Franchise Research Institute, I am sometimes asked why mega-franchises like McDonalds and Subway don't seem to rely on franchisee satisfaction surveys to market their franchise opportunities, when it proves to be such a valuable tool for other franchisors, not only for marketing purposes but also for key internal decisions.

Buying a Franchise? Why I Wrote a Manual

I often considered writing another book about franchising and was undecided whether it would be a re-write of my previous book, Franchising From the Inside Out.

Thinking About A Franchise? Take A Look at Senior Care

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise, there are thousands of concepts available in just about every industry.  All require specific and unique skills depending on the nature of the business.

Do I Need A Franchise Attorney?

I recently participated in a discussion on Linkedin as to whether a franchise attorney is necessary.  There was a lot of good feedback on the pros and cons, and thus I wanted to share my personal feelings on the topic.

Timing is Everything – Ground Up or a Franchise?

Now May Be the Best Time to Start Something New

10 Great QSR Franchise Deals

The quick service restaurant industry can be particularly well suited to franchising versus striking out on one’s own.

Introverts Can Be the Best Leaders

Many people are natural introverts who try to keep that fact on the QT from others who may want to marginalize them because of it.

Making Downsizing into a Plus

Laying off workers is a most unpleasant task for business owners. But what happens after the layoffs?