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Australian Government Fails Franchising

CANBERRA, Australia - Small Business Minister Craig Emerson has tabled his response to the Australian Franchising inquiry. His response lacks leadership on this issue and plays into the hands of rogue franchisors by allowing them to continue to get away with dishonest and unethical behaviour that is just not accepted in other areas of business.

Franchise Code: Good Faith and Dispute Resolution, Pt 4

This is a look into the issues of the franchise code. The Australian government has a Senate inquiry into a franchise code. In the end of this four part series, the options paper that divides the Senate recommendations into four parts lists the issues of good faith and dispute resolution.

Increased Australian Franchise Disputes and Collapses Likely

Troubling Times
A day of reckoning for Australian franchising?

Australian MP Lashes Criminal Banks and Useless Regulator

CANBERRA, Australia (Blue MauMau) - Joanna Gash (LP), a member of parliament representing Gilmore, New South Wales, condemned in federal parliament on Monday criminal collusion between Australia's banks and franchisors that wipe out franchisees.

Australian Franchise Inquiry, Don't Tell Anyone

With only 3 weeks to close of submissions to the Australian inquiry into franchising the regulator has finally published the existence of the inquiry on the government website.