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Probe Sheds Light on The UPS Store Gouging Consumers

As Mother's Day shoppers began shipping their packages to Mom last week, the New York Post decided to investigate how those customers would be charged.

Starbucks Suit Heats Up with Seattle's Best Store Owner

A Starbucks coffee shop in New York City. photo:steinberg

CHICAGO – A franchisee is embattled in litigation not only with franchisor Seattle's Best Coffee but also with coffee conglomerate Starbucks, guarantor of the franchise system.

Hooters Exposes Twin Peaks

From Hooters website, Hooters wallpaper
Computer wallpaper at

ATLANTA – Hooters of America is accusing a new competitor of stealing confidential business information to gain unfair competition in its most profitable locations.

Sluggish Ex-spouse Gets Windfall

Some courts still don't understand the basics of franchising.

Point: Sue me, Bob Zarco

If Robert Zarco is going to sue everyone who speaks the truth about Cold Stone Creamery, he'd better hire a few more associates.

"Incredible Pizza" Franchisee Loses $46 Million

Lloyd Robert French invested in a new franchise concept and lost $46,995,735 in 6 years.

Franchise Terminations, Girl Scouts, Homosexuals, and the Yom Kippur War

If you thought you’d seen everything as a franchisee lawyer, then here is a case where the state’s franchise relationship law was given a very expansive and biting interpretation.

Wendy's v. Saverin

The 6th Circuit didn't have sympathy for a franchisee/lawyer who didn't read his contracts with Wendy's.

Bellfort v Petrotex Fuels

Can a franchisee avoid the PMPA and sue his franchisor in state court? Yes, says the 5th Circuit in reversing the Southern District of Texas.