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Log In / Register | Jul 16, 2018

WA Franchise Legislation Goes to Committee

Last night the Franchise Bill 2010 passed through the West Australian Parliament unopposed. The few opponents to the Bill were informed the numbers were clearly against them.

Federal MP Attacks Franchise Churning

Member for Gilmore Joanna Gash MP has blasted the Australian government for its franchising inaction and the Small Business Minister’s insistence that he will commit to nothing before the election lead up promises set to begin in 2013.

Franchise Code to Change July 1

Australia — Craig Emerson MP, Minister for Small Business, announced changes to the Code. Franchisors are required to provide slightly more disclosure. With less than 4 weeks to prepare, many franchisors will not be able to comply . 

Piccolo Fights to Reform Franchising

Australia ADELAIDE: In a 31 March media release, South Australian Labor parliamentarian Mr Tony Piccolo has vowed to forge ahead with state based franchising law reform as a means of providing all franchise industry players with a fairer playing field.

Changes to the Franchising Code Overview

To date the Small Business Minister of Australia has not unveiled or given an indication of when changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct will be released or implemented.

Franchise Reform Delay

The much anticipated reforms to Australian franchise regulation look likely to be delayed until after the next election.

Franchise Bill Offers No Appeal Process

Franchising lawyer and BMM contributor Simon Young offers food for thought with concerns regarding the South Australian Franchising Bill.

Australian Government Fails Franchising

CANBERRA, Australia - Small Business Minister Craig Emerson has tabled his response to the Australian Franchising inquiry. His response lacks leadership on this issue and plays into the hands of rogue franchisors by allowing them to continue to get away with dishonest and unethical behaviour that is just not accepted in other areas of business.

Aussie MP Fights for Fair Franchising

CANBERRA, Australia - Last night in the Australian parliament, opposition Liberal Party MP Joanna Gash questioned why the governments' Minister for small business has failed to act on the franchising inquiry report he received last year.

Laws Stacked Against Franchisees

CANBERRA, Australia - South Australian parliamentarian Tony Piccolo discusses how the laws down under are stacked against franchise owners.