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Interview with Griswold's CEO Matt Murphy: ‘Collaboration with Franchisees Is the Key’

Griswold CEO Matt Murphy speaks to franchisors and franchisees at the 25th Anniversary of AAFD
Matt Murphy speaks at AAFD Conference

Early this month Griswold Home Care, a 35-year-old chain of some 200 senior care locations, was recognized by the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) as having the best franchise contract, one that protects its franchise owners to a degree that stands out among all other American franchisors.

Franchisees Need a Different "Level the Playing" Field Strategy

Franchisees in California never had a chance to get the bill passed. They did show that there is significant numbers of franchisees that illustrated the need for a more level playing field.

Are You Practicing The Ten Rules of Successful Franchising?

We talk the talk - but when was the last time you did a serious health check in your franchise system to ensure that your brand values, mission and principles are clearly understood and practiced by everyone, including headquarters staff, field support personnel, franchisees, shareholders, and stakeholders?

Franchisor Attorney Speaks on Franchisee Bills

While recent California and Massachusetts proposed bills initiated by  franchisees have been unsuccessful in getting passage, one franchisor attorney expects to see them resurface for future consideration. And, he reminds, Vermont’s similar bill will be voted on later this year.

2011 Lawsuits through the Eyes of DLA Piper

WASHINGTON – As we are now well into 2012, a look back at last year’s pertinent legal cases is important for franchisors and their attorneys.

A Network Designed to Hear

chief operating officer Bill Dunn and chief customer officer Scot Crain of franchisor Auntie Anne's

PODCAST — Soft pretzel chain Auntie Anne's is engaged in a franchisee love affair. Satisfaction among its 300-plus franchise owner-operators is second to none in franchising.

5:01 minutes (2.01 MB)

What Makes A “World-Class” Franchise

I am often asked what it takes to become a world-class franchise. The answer is simple, but far from easy to achieve.

Bob Purvin: "Franchisee Associations Are Growing But We Should Be Seeing More"

SAN DIEGO (Blue MauMau) - Mr. Robert Purvin, a franchise law expert and chair of the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, discusses his disappointment over the last decade on the lack of progress franchisees have made in protecting their rights.