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Worst 25 Franchises to Buy with the Highest Failure Rates, 2012

A shuttered Quiznos shop
A shuttered Quiznos sub shop in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Blue MauMau dares say what other publications won't. Here is our annual listing of major franchise lemons to avoid investing in. It's hard to believe but there are 23 major brands in 2012, where franchised stores actually fail worse than Quiznos. Ice cream shops have not done well.

SBA Says Franchises Are 'Proven' Success

Utah's top SBA official touts buying a franchise as buying into a proven business model.

Forbes May Adopt Franchise "Churn" In Rankings

After protests by franchisees and franchise blogger Sean Kelly, editors at Forbes said they may consider franchise "churn" numbers when compiling rankings.

IFA Asks Members Not to Say 90% of Franchises Succeed

For years and years franchisor sales persons used a Department of Commerce study to sell prospective franchisees that they should buy a franchise because franchises are proven and safer than buy

Franchise Success Rates

Franchises fail at higher rates than independent businesses