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Little Traffic Growth Means Little Restaurant Unit Rise in Spring 2014

Small restaurant Zoup grew 20 units to 55 in 2014
Bucking the trend, small chain Zoup! grew 20% in units to 55 from '13-'14.

CHICAGO — According to a new report by a foodservice researcher, there has been little growth in consumer visits to restaurants in America. Restaurant units grew by only 0.8 percent in the spring of 2014 compared to spring 2013. Total U.S. restaurant count stands at 635,494, based on restaurants reported to be open as of March 31, which is up by 5,002 units from spring 2013.

Critical Support Areas for New Franchisees

There is considerable documentation through this report that many franchise owners are unhappy with their current situation and are contemplating changes to their career.

Female Franchisees Hit Hardest by Weak Economy

BOSTON — In an economy showing few signs of growth, 87% of female owned franchised businesses report they are not profitable.

Franchisee Satisfaction Indicators Suggest Contraction in Franchising

We believe that it may be possible to predict, or change, future events by understanding franchisee satisfaction and its impact.  This is contrary to the more typical utilization of franchi

The Franchise Industry Benefits as the Economy Begins Its Recovery

In the midst of an economic crisis, it’s no longer easy to get credit. Americans are beginning to live within their means. Unnecessary expenses are being cut by families and corporations.