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Franchisee Independent Trade Associations

Franchisees invest in franchise systems for many different reasons. One reason franchisees universally share is that they are joining something so they will not be alone to solve the myriad of business challenges they will face.

Top 5 Things a Franchisee Association Should Be Doing Today to Be Successful!

It’s no secret that independent franchisee associations are extremely helpful in providing education, performing research and advocating for franchisee interests.

Wendy’s Has Fastest Drive-Thrus, Chick-fil-A the Friendliest

Wendy's Drive-thru time is #1 fastest
Photo: Blue MauMau

DUBLIN, Ohio — An annual national survey of drive-thru performance finds that Wendy's continues to have the fastest drive-thru performance in 2012.

Creating a Modern Franchisee Association

A modern franchisee association is required in all franchise systems, especially when a franchisor seeks both the benefits of controlling franchisees as if employees, but resiles from the legal and tax liabililty that attaches to such control.

Franchisee Bill of Rights, Input Requested

Franchise Community,

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) Fair Franchising Committee has been working with franchisee leaders from multiple franchise systems to develop the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights.

How the Franchise Industry Misused the Internet, Part 4

This is the fourth of five articles that comprise a White Paper titled The Internet and the Franchise Industry - How an industry misused the Internet.

New Menu Law Will Change Eating Habits

Auntie Anne's menu at Laguardia Airport, NYC lists calories
Auntie Anne's menu board at Laguardia Airport, photo/ed yourdon

WASHINGTON, D.C. ─ According to a market researcher, the new federal law that requires calorie information to be listed on restaurant chain menus has consumers buying less.

Balance in Franchise Relationships

No relationship is perfect. Whether the relationship is personal, business or institutional, misunderstandings, unfair practices and general acrimony can lead two closely aligned parties to break apart. In any relationship, the belief that one party is taking advantage of the other can tear at the fabric that holds them together.

KFC Franchisees Win Flap over Ad Control!

Thinking of KFC while playing with an iPhone app: fried, not grilled. photo/InCase

LOUISVILLE, KY – A Delaware court has ruled in favor of franchisees and their advertising cooperative against KFC Corporation.

Counterpoint: You Are Wrong, Steinberg

Let there be NO doubt, Robert Zarco and his law firm represent franchisees. Anybody who really knows my firm and the work we do knows that Robert Zarco is first and foremost the champion of franchisees across the country and around the world.