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Australia Introduces Farcical Franchisee Protection

There have been thousands of franchisees destroyed while waiting for these improvements to Australia's Franchising Code of Conduct over more than 10 years.

Too many franchisees have lost everything by buying Wendy’s franchises

The Member for Southern River, Mr Peter Abetz has urged anyone considering purchasing a Wendy’s [Australia] ice cream franchise to speak to Wendy’s Franchisee Coalition before proceedin

Ripoll Pushes Good Faith and Penalties

The push for franchise reform in Australia began almost 10 years ago and today major ground has been made with the anticipated introduction of good faith obligations and penalties.

Australian Franchising Code Review Recommendations

Alan Wein’s review of the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct has presented 18 recommendations. Here they are but first;

Australian Regulator Calls For Financial Penalties

With a review of 2010 changes to Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct seemingly forgotten, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is calling for the introduction of financial penalties for rogue franchisors.

Regulator Warns of Franchisors Making False Claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned that the number of franchisors making false earnings claims is on the rise.

Court Enforced 15 Year Ban From Business

It is a first; the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission obtained court orders barring a person from managing companies. And with a bonus $450,000 civil pecuniary penalty.

Genius in South Australia Bill

Last week the South Australian Small Business Commissioner Bill passed through the Lower House. The genius in this Bill comes from redrafting of another Bill to increase positive impact to greater stakeholder and gain that stakeholder support.

WA Franchise Legislation Goes to Committee

Last night the Franchise Bill 2010 passed through the West Australian Parliament unopposed. The few opponents to the Bill were informed the numbers were clearly against them.

South Australia Aims to be Safest Place for Franchisees

Celebrate SA

If you are a franchisee in South Australia, you will celebrate a first for Australia. The state has introduced the Small Business Commissioner Bill 2011, which will ensure broad powers to enhance protection of franchisees by stipulating that dealings are conducted fairly and in good faith.