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Belize High Court Finds Ex-Franchisor Executive Guilty of Defamation, Questions His Integrity

Belize Sanctuary
Photo: Sanctuary Belize Development

In a non-franchise litigation brought by Belizean property owners of a tropical development, the Belize Supreme Court found former franchisor executive Thomas Kevin Herskowitz guilty of defamation with malice.

Husband Was Equally Bound by Franchisor's Non-Compete Clause

As a franchisor litigator representing franchisors, I am often asked to bring an injunction to stop a terminated franchisee from breaching a non-competition covenant.

Dunk'd, My Odyssey Through Franchise Hell

I am writing a book about my ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ 9-year battle with Dunkin’ Donuts, which exposes the dark underbelly of franchising and the civil justice system. My story is unique but the theme has been repeated with hundreds, no thousands of franchisees around the world, yet the media silence has been deafening. To learn more about my book read more...

Australian Franchisor Allphones ordered to pay $3 Million in damages to Franchisees

Today Justice Foster of the Federal Court has declared that