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Freedom of the Press includes Bloggers

Bill of Rights from the National Archives
The Bill of Rights. photo/US National Archives

UKIAH, Calif. – The online publisher of Unhappy Franchisee, Sean Kelly, won a major court victory over Mark Golob, ex-CEO of franchisor Butterfly Fitness. Golob sued Kelly because he felt the blogger wrote "negligent misrepresentations about me."

Free Speech Wins! Butterfly Fitness Ex-CEO Mark Golob, Lawyer Nikolaus Reed Lose Defamation Suit against Unhappy Franchisee

Judge cites the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in judgment. photo/bmm

UKIAH, Calif. – A writer and Web publisher of news that concerns franchise investors and owners has scored a substantial win for bloggers' rights of free speech and a free press.

Butterfly Fitness’ Timetable of Regulatory Troubles in California

SACRAMENTO – Below is the timetable of franchising firm Butterfly Fitness and its regulatory problems with California's Department of Corporations through the years.

Edible Arrangements Denies Funding Terrorists

Responding to yesterday's story on BlueMauMau, the attorney for Edible Arrangements & founder Tariq Farid claims that neither the franchise system nor Farid support terrorism.

The Ad That Changed The World: 50 Years of Sullivan

Not many advertisements are in the permanent collection of the National Archives.

Canada Rules Hyperlinks Not Defamatory

The Supreme Court of Canada struck a blow for internet free speech.

Habits of Annoying Lawyers

Trademark and media law guru Ron Coleman lists seven highly annoying habits of lawyers who send overreaching cease-and-desist letters to intimidate writers. Here's three of the seven.

Counterpoint: You Are Wrong, Steinberg

Let there be NO doubt, Robert Zarco and his law firm represent franchisees. Anybody who really knows my firm and the work we do knows that Robert Zarco is first and foremost the champion of franchisees across the country and around the world.

Point: Sue me, Bob Zarco

If Robert Zarco is going to sue everyone who speaks the truth about Cold Stone Creamery, he'd better hire a few more associates.