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Mom Says Happy Meals Too Tempting

Chan Lowe

Monet Parhem has had enough with the influence that she says McDonald’s Happy Meal has over her daughter Maya.

How Do I Eat an Artichoke?

grilled artichoke, via Flickr
A plate of grilled artichokes, photo/wonderyort

A customer is suing a Houston restaurant for failing to train its waiters and waitresses to instruct customers on how to eat artichokes.

McDonald's Fined for Fattening Employee

A judge in Brazil ruled today that a former McDonald’s employee must be paid $17,500 by the burger business since it fattened him up by sixty-five pounds over twelve years.

Subway Lawsuit against Quizno's

On October 27, 2006 the Subway franchisor filed suit over a Quizno's ad campaign. On Feb 23, 2010 the court issued an order dismissing the case.

Blimpie Class Action Suit Is No Joke

Consumers Ronald Williams and Jennifer Clayton claim to have suffered nearly $75K in damages for not being able to eat a truly double portioned Blimpie sandwich as advertised.