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2013 Saw Gas Stations with Strongest Margins in Years

A BP gas station in Central Kentucky
Franchised BP gas station with accompanying convenience store in Kentucky. Photo/dsniegowski

Raleigh, N.C.—With some of the thinnest profit margins in retailing, gas stations gave a collective sigh of relief in 2013 as they experienced their strongest margins in years.

Judge Rules for BP Despite Fraud against Franchisees

A BP station in Midwest U.S.
Judge rules bad faith by franchisor in deceiving BP franchisees is irrelevant

CHICAGO – A Cook County circuit judge ruled in favor of BP Products North America Inc on all counts brought by two franchisees claiming the oil giant defrauded them. But the judge’s ruling came in spite of finding BP intended to deceive the owners when they purchased their stations by concealing its fuel margins.

U.S. Supreme Court Listens to Gas Station Franchisees

On January 19, franchisees had a rare opportunity to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Speculative Bubbles in Oil Price

If gas station dealers are confused in trying to predict the price of gas based on supply and demand, they aren't the only ones.

Change in Law Makes Selling Biodiesel Easier for Franchised Stations

A recent change in the law ensures that gas station franchisors must allow franchisees to sell biofuels.

Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Cash Discounts for Service Stations

Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing to allow gas station dealers (franchisees) to provide cash discounts.  During times of such high gas prices, service station franchisees struggle to survive

Gas Station Owners Struggle With Credit Card Fees

(Miami, FL) Gas station owners say the fees charged by credit card companies are hurting their bottom line.