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GM Strikes Back at NH Dealers, Cites New Disclosure Law

General Motors has informed auto dealers in New Hampshire the franchisor "will not offer any new dealer sales programs in New Hampshire."

Toyota's Family Tree

OK, every family has its problems. Toyota, which started as a division of the Toyota Automatic Loom Works, managed to develop a worldwide presence and reputation, survived a number of seismic recalls and some actual seismic activity is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Dealer Seeks Return of Chrysler Franchise

A Chevy at a California Barbeque, photo by Thomas Hawk
A Chevy at a California barbeque diner, photo: Thomas Hawk

A terminated car franchisee in Billings, Montana seeks to use state auto franchise laws to get its franchise back. That's almost inconceivable in other franchise sectors.

Too Many Franchises Spoil the Brand?

Front sign of Pontiac dealership, northern Michigan '09. photo/Quinn.anya

WASHINGTON — As the dust settled, the Obama Administration last summer issued a harsh report that was critical of the aggressive termination of franchises by General Motors and Chrysler during their bankruptcy proceedings. 

Terminated GM Dealer Sues Rival as Tenant

QUEBEC, Montreal – Parkway Pontiac Buick, a top-performing General Motors-Canada dealership fighting termination, filed a lawsuit last Wednesday against an underperforming rival that was allowed by GM to take over Parkway’s 120-vehicle inventory after shutting it down.

Shuttered Dealer Allowed to Keep GM Signage

Parkway GM Dealership
Judge Allows Terminated Dealer to keep GM Signs Up  Photo/Parkway

New Auto Dealers Arbitration: Faster, Cheaper

Congress just passed a bill to allow terminated auto dealers to arbitrate their termination under an expedited procedure.  The procedure highlights the issue of faster, cheaper, that I've been discussing.

GM Hopes For Dealer Revival

Hundreds of General Motors franchisees thrown out last year could see their franchise restored as an arbitration process starts this month.

The Wreck of Subsidizing Car Purchases Through Cash for Clunkers

General Motors US market share down 32 percent in North America. Today 72 percent of GM sales are outside of North America. To the extent that the US taxpayer is subsidizing General Motors, are we subsidizing those overseas consumers?