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Dunkin Franchisee Claims Sublease Fraud

Franchise subleases can create perverse incentives. Caveat emptor. Take for example Manfred & Lynne Marotta. They purchased a Dunkin'/Baskin franchise in a shopping mall in Pennsylvania.

First, Get Rid of the Franchise Lawyers

When speaking to your legislator about franchise matters, don't bring your lawyer. Bring your momma.

You Gotta Have (Good) Faith

At the beginning of a franchise relationship, franchisees  are filled with goodwill and warm feelings toward their “partner” franchisor.

McDonald's Strays from Serving Its Franchise Owners

Kathryn Slater-Carter speaks with Fox Business Network's Melissa Francis about how McDonald's Corp. owns the restaurant properties and how owner-operators must dig into their own pockets to upgrade the assets of the franchisor when so ordered.

PODCAST: California State Senators Hear Franchise Owners Speak on Need for Good Faith in Franchise Relations

(PODCAST) SACRAMENTO — California state senators listened to franchise owners and associations ask for passage of Senate Bill 610 yesterday. Authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson [D-Santa Barbara], the bill was crafted to bolster good faith in a franchisor's dealings with franchisees and the right to associate without fear of reprisal.

21:23 minutes (4.9 MB)

Australian Franchise Code Review and Good Faith

In the midst of the post Christmas/New Year frenzy the Australian Minister for Small Business quietly announced the commencement of a review of the Franchising Code of Conduct with little time for submissions.

NSW Small Business Commissioner; Consultation Paper

The New South Wales government has released a Consultation Paper requesting small business community input to best determine the legal framework required to assist the Small Business Commissioner to function effectively.

Small Business Commissioner and Small Business Protection Bill 2012

The Shadow Minister for Small Business in New South Wales, the Honourable Adam Searle MLC, has this week highlighted the flaw when installing Small Business Commissioners but then giving them no real power to act.

McDonald's Loses to Franchisees on Appeal

U.S. Flag & McD Flag

SAN FRANCISCO – An appeals court has affirmed a lower court decision that two 30-year multi-unit franchisee veterans may continue operating their three McDonald’s restaurants, pending completion of their trial. The jury trial will begin on May 29, challenging McDonald’s on its decision not to grant 20-year “rewrites” of their existing franchise terms, after promising to do so.

Frank Zumbo, Deputy Small Business Commissioner.

Professor Frank ZumboIt has been reported that vocal champion for healthy competition Professor Frank Zumbo has been appointed Deputy Small Business Commissioner to South Australia.  The Franchise Council of Australia is disturbed.