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DLA Piper’s Top 10 Franchise Cases for 2017

Earlier this month, DLA Piper presented the firm's selection of the top 10 franchise legal cases decided in 2017, those that provided guidance as to business considerations for franchisors.

9th Circuit Upholds Termination of Century 21 Franchisees

Century 21
Photo by Century 21

Madison, NJ - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's decision that Century 21 Real Estate should be allowed to terminate franchisees for not paying required fees and payment on a promissory note, and for abandoning one of their four franchise locations.

Franchisee Sues for Lack of Fair Dealing, Marriott Settles

Marriott franchisee Laurence Geller

Photo of Marriott franchisee from CNBC video stream

It seems that not all is clean and good at Marriott. CNBC explores the Marriott Empire in its hour-long "Behind the Closed Doors of Marriott."

S Korea Adopts Strong Relationship Law Protecting Franchisees

SEOUL, S. Korea -  While franchisees in the United States struggle to get new legislation passed to balance fairness in franchising between the parties, the South Korean government took it upon itself to protect its franchise owners with a new law.

Cancer-Stricken Pizza Hut Franchisee Moves to Trial

Pizza Hut sign in Kentucky

NEW ORLEANS – Franchisee Larry Lundy finally received some good news this summer. It was not from his doctors treating his cancer or chronic myelogenous leukemia. It was from a judge ruling on Pizza Hut’s three-year litigation against him, in trying to take over his forty restaurants in Louisiana.

Deja Vu: Jani-King Workers Are Not Franchisees

Jani-King janitorial services
Jani-King worker or franchisee? Courts rule  worker.

BOSTON – A district judge once again has issued an order stating that Jani-King International and other entities misclassified its janitorial workers in Massachusetts by labeling them as franchisees.