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3 Major Ways Google Has Reshaped Small Business

Google has utterly changed the way small businesses operate, particularly over the last decade.

The Four Top Productivity Skills We Learned at Google

The team that ran online photo editor Picnik spent two years at Google, from 2010 to 2012.

Desktop Sites Unnecessary, Says Google's Mueller

Google's John Mueller says that a mobile site is sufficient and that desktop sites are no longer necessary.

Big Business Hops onto Small Biz Bandwagon

Small business enjoys a good deal of support among the American public, judging from favorable comments highlighted in news stories about Small Business Saturday.

Big Biz Pledges $1.2B in Services to Startups

For those who haven't found the right franchisor yet or are thinking that perhaps they'd be better off going it alone, the Startup America Partnership that Steve Case and Scott Case (no relationship) are spearheading may provide some help or inspiration.

Mobile Competition Trends

The biggest threat to wireless competition right now is the battle between Google's HotPot and Facebook's Places new messaging services.

Google Announces Mobile Wallet Phone

Nexus S
Google phone revealed at Web 2.0 Summit 2010, photo via YouTube

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt announced that the next incarnation of smart phones will be launched in the next few weeks.

Google Unveils Tool to Speed Searches

On September 7 Google introduced Google Instant, which predicts Internet search queries and shows results as soon as someone begins to type, adjusting the results as each successive letter is typed.

Merchant Breaks Google’s Rule, Loses $4 Million

Gift basket business owner Ryan Abood relates how he got on the bad side of Google and the devastating consequences.