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Australian Franchising's Unhealthy Trend

I would like to believe that the results of the annual Griffith survey of franchisors was an indictment of the tainted franchising reputation in Australia indirectly referred to earlier this year by the Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission however, the small business climate suggests there are far greater influences.

Griffith University on VetFran

Now you would think that the highly acclaimed Professor Lorelle Fraser from the Griffith University’s Centre for Franchising Excellence would understand basic research.

New Zealand Franchising Analysis

The conduct of the Massey and Griffith Universities survey from which the data was taken appears to involve more effort than I have seen in any previous Australian study and for New Zealand it is a first.  Do the results line up with franchising’s global interpretations?

Wendy's Franchise Not Always a Dream

Australia’s ABC television has presented the first of a 2 part special report on what can sour the franchise dream.

Survey: Towards Conflict Resolution

I typically wonder what factors influence those who respond and those who don’t respond to franchising surveys. This is a summary of selected categories from the ‘Towards Conflict Resolution’ survey from Australia's Griffith University’s Asia‐Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence. The quantative research report is attached.

Coping With A Breach Notice

In quality franchise systems, a notice of breach of contract is an absolute last resort.  In any system, such a notice almost always produces angst no matter what the motivation behind it.

Franchising Sustainability Answer

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence at Australia’s Griffith University has won research funding following some reputation damage for an industry reporting some high profile collapses.

Franchises Can be Success Stories

"[Franchising] has a history of performing relatively well compared to the broader small business sector even when economic indicators are pointing down," says FCA executive director Steve Wright.