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Coffee is the New King but Ice Cream Reigns at DQ

Coffee has propelled convenience stores with AM daypart success that expanded grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh food sales all day long at companies the ilk of Wawa, Sheetz and 7-Eleven.

McDonald’s Quality Differentiation Will Win Breakfast Battle

The battle for consumers in 2014 is not a battle over breakfast but a battle over share of stomach. While breakfast is the current focal point, QSR leaders all must be mindful of the expanding success of fresh prepared food in both grocery stores and convenience store sectors. 

Valentine’s Day Diners Dine-In While Dining-Out

This Valentine's Day grocerant stores around the world are offering consumers a choice to dine-in while dining-out.

Burger King's Overloaded Summer Menu Brings Magic

Consumers looking for ready-2-eat fresh prepared food found it at Burger King this summer.  When Flavia Faugeres Burger Kings Global Chief Marketing officer released the summer menu limited-time menu and said they had “something for everyone”, there was.

Forty Six Million Reasons Why Restaurants Should Think Ahead

Note from John Gordon: Several 'fast casual' summits will be conducted this year, one this week before the NRA Show kicks off in Chicago. Steve Johnson, the Grocerant space expert, and I feel the future of food retail is not to look back and see what worked in the past, but to look forward, thinking carefully about the customer.

Brand Protection Stifles Restaurant Growth

Restaurant brand protectionism is what many chain restaurant marketing managers focus on and continue to do. All retail food and restaurant industry research consistency shows that that brand and or “Channel” protectionism is only important to the BRAND MARKETER. The research concludes it is not important to the consumer.

Migration Marketing Builds Restaurant Sales

Party of one is simply not happening in the restaurant sector. A party of one is not a party! However if you are a grocery store, C-store or urban chain drug store then continue throwing the party because consumers are showing up.

5 Key Opportunities for C-Stores

Bill Bishop Jr. president of Willard Bishop presented findings from the NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council. Bishop identified five major platforms of opportunity for Convenience Stores. Those five platforms are Fresh Value Fast, Female, Friendly, Family Time, My Time and My Place.

Burger King's Sizzling Summer of LTOs

Burger King’s success this summer can in part be attributed to cool treats. Leveraging new product albeit traditional ice cream with a twist; it looks as if Bacon Sundaes and $0.50 Cones just might have done the trick.