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Home Care Franchise Industry Update 2013

Following is an excerpt from the just released FranchiseKnowHow report on the franchised home care sector for 2013:

IKOR Opens New Branch To Help Columbus, Ohio's Seniors And Disabled Secure Optimal Care

DUBLIN, Ohio (June 27, 2013) – IKOR, a growing network of healthcare and financial advocacy and guardianship offices, opened a new branch here yesterday to help ensure the pr

New Report Indicates How Pending Healthcare Overhauls Could Impact Franchise Home Care Profitability; Countless Opportunities Identified

STONY BROOK, New York– Renowned franchising expert Ed Teixeira, owner/editor/president of FranchiseKnowHow,the widely-read website, newsletter and franchise indus

Report Confirms Strength of Home Care Franchising

I just completed a report entitled “Home Care Franchises: Opportunities and Challenges.” It presents a detailed look into the role of franchising in the home care industry.

Business Anxiety Growing over Obamacare

The provisions mandated by the new U.S. health care law are causing deepening worry among business owners and executives as their implementation draws closer.

Healthcare Costs Make Franchise Restaurateurs Sick?

In Wisconsin, franchisees are recalculating the net profit on multi-unit operations based on President Obama's new healthcare law.

The Franchise Industry Benefits as the Economy Begins Its Recovery

In the midst of an economic crisis, it’s no longer easy to get credit. Americans are beginning to live within their means. Unnecessary expenses are being cut by families and corporations.