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How to Manage Change in the Workplace

I've talked about how change is inevitable but in this second of a three part column, I want to talk about how to manage change in the workplace. There are three types of managers.

So You're Not Happy with Your Franchise

So you are not happy with your franchise and you are thinking about changing flags? Really??? It is a conversation and a personalized reality check that I have with many clients each and every year.

As Franchises Collapse, Quiznos Launches 600 Company Stores

A Quiznos company-owned store at its head office building photo/tsparks

Belmonte Adds Two New Divisions to Hospitality Solutions LLC Offering Discount Real Estate, Broker and Insurance Services for Hotels and Restaurants

Hospitality Solutions LLC expands into four divisions to provide "Everything Franchise" including: Franchise Negotiations, Real Estate, Insurance, and Legal Services