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A Look at How Hotels Are Changing

Hotel designers and industry insiders give us an interesting peek at major changes in hotel design and amenities already taking place or that we may soon start seeing.

Budgeting Is Getting Easy

Historical budget accuracy for U.S. hotelsThrow away the Ouija and dart boards. Apparently predicting the performance of U.S. hotels has become very easy for U.S. hotel managers. For the third consecutive year, management's projections of revenues, expenses and profits contained in their budgets have been extremely accurate.

Approaching the Top, Benefits the Bottom

Much has been written about the strong top-line performance of the U.S. lodging industry since the Great Recession. According to STR, Inc, national occupancy levels increased from 54.5 percent in 2009 to 62.2 percent in 2013, while average daily room rates grew from $98.21 to $110.34.

Hotel Marketing: Investing In People And Technology

The introduction of technology has influenced the duties of on-site hotel sales personnel over the years. The reach of the internet, social media, and sophisticated revenue management programs have provided marketing professionals with an array of new tools.

CEO Ted Teng Speaks on The Leading Hotels of the World, Hospitality Trends

"I found the company to be somewhat neglected... somewhat floundering," The Leading Hotels of the World's CEO Ted Teng starts out with as he speaks with Cornell School of Hotel Administration on November 15. Leading Hotels' members have hotels that include palaces, castles, hideaways and tropical resorts.

The Components of Hotel Labor Costs

Change in Avg Hourly Compensation vs UnemploymentLabor and related costs have long been the single expense category in operating a hotel.

Will Meetings Continue to Recover in 2012?

Hotel meeting planner attrition and cancellation income v room revenue, 2009-2010According to Smith Travel Research, group demand (measured as a percent of total demand) began to grow year-over-year in March of 2010.

When Will Lodging See Growth Again?

PKF-HR president, Mark Woodworth and Senior Advisor Jack Corgel.

U.S. Hotels to Hit Bottom in 2009


A hotel research and consulting firm projects consumer demand will contract just as a hotel-room glut hits in 2009. Chart/PKF-HR