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Survey Finds that Many Who Have Tried Airbnb Prefer It to Hotels

A new survey by Goldman Sachs finds that a significant portion of people who have lodged at a place they found through Airbnb or a similar service decide they prefer the "peer-to-peer" (P2P) experience to hotels.

Studies: Airbnb Making Inroads into Hotel Industry

Airbnb is growing rapidly and having a negative impact on the hotel industry according to two recent reports.

Marriott's War on Wi-Fi Leading to Resentment among Inconvenienced Guests

Marriott has been jamming its own guests' personal Wi-Fi networks, forcing them to use the hotel's network, often at a price, or to get off the Internet altogether.

Seattle Restaurant Owner Sues Google over Inaccurate Listing

A Seattle restaurant owner is suing Google, saying its listing of his restaurant mistakenly showed that it was closed weekends and Mondays, his busiest days, causing business to collapse and the restaurant to shutter its doors.

8 Pioneering Hotels That Changed the Industry

Amenities and features add considerably to the pleasure of a stay in a hotel.

Hotel Experiences, not Amenities

Instead of emphasizing amenities, some hotels focus on making extraordinary local experiences available for their guests.

Part 2 of Mike Leven Interview

In the second half of Mike Leven's interview, he talks about AAHOA, which he co-founded, and what people are doing right and wrong in the hotel business.

Interview with Mike Leven of the Las Vegas Sands

Mike Leven, president and COO of the Las Vegas Sands, is a central figure in the hotel industry, where his career has spanned more than 50 years.

Hacker Exposes Hotel Electronic Lock Vulnerability

In late July, public confidence in hotel security took a major blow.

Downtown Louisville Hotels Have Christmas Spirit

Some Louisville, Kentucky hotel owners want their establishments to be a holiday destination, not just a place to stay, and they're spending millions to accomplish just that.