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Franchisee Association Supports Buffalo Wild Wings Board over Activist

Inside a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant during March Madness
Inside a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant during basketball's March Madness

Is this a golden opportunity for the franchisee association to gain a seat on the board of directors of Buffalo Wild Wings?

AAFD Chairman on Key Protections that Should Be in a Franchise Contract

    AAFD chairman Bob Purvin working on the words of a fairer franchise contract
Purvin leads franchisees & their franchisor to craft a fairer contract

Robert Purvin, founder and chairman of the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD), spoke at length with this journal. Purvin is busy nowadays preparing the AAFD, a non-profit trade association that represents the rights and interests of franchisees, for a franchisee leadership summit from April 30 to May 3 in Palm Springs, California. The association will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Famous Dave’s Hopes Cornbread, Larger Portions, Will Help Turn Around Plummeting Sales

Famous Dave's
Cornbread muffins. Photo by Steve A Johnson

MINNEAPOLIS – Faced with falling investor confidence, Famous Dave's of America Inc. (NASDAQ: DAVE) explains that it hopes to turn things around by serving larger food portions, reintroducing cornbread muffins and developing new leadership.

Why Every Franchisee Should Support and Engage in a Franchisee Association‎

Inspired by attending the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) Forum in Washington, DC., I would like to answer – why every franchise owner should support and engage an independent franchisee association.

AAHOA Unveils New Brand Identity

AAHOA logoThe Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) has introduced a new logo. The organization says it will be phased-in during coming months on all publications and electronic materials. It is the first change in AAHOA's logo since the group's founding in 1989.

Dunkin' Franchisees’ National Supply Chain CEO to Bring Down Cost of Goods for Donut Shops

A single row of the National DCP, a supply chain cooperative owned by franchisees
A single row in one section of Dunkin' franchisees' massive NDCP. photo/bmm

The chief executive in charge of Dunkin's franchisee-owned national supply chain management company, Scott Carter, explains to franchisees: "If I can't see it, I can't measure it. If I can't measure it, I can't manage it and if I'm not managing it then I'm failing."

Coca-Cola Bottlers Association Remembers a Century of Contributions to the Brand

Statue of Coca-Cola founder at World of Coca-Cola park, Atlanta
Statue of founder Dr. Pemberton at World of Coca-Cola park. Photo/bmm

ATLANTA—A hundred years ago, the territory size of a Coca-Cola Bottler product distribution franchisee was determined by the delivery capacity of a mule. This evening, the bottlers' association marked its centenary with a celebration at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Zarco Speaks about McDonald's Corp Using Other People's Money

Franchise attorney Robert Zarco of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito speaks about the simmering of a possible franchise revolt against McDonald's with Erik Schatzker of Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Pioneer Jason Dubinsky of Dunkin’ Passes

Jason (Jay) Dubinsky of Dunkin' Donuts
Jason (Jay) Dubsinsky, Sept 2012 at DDIFO meeting. photo/bmm

BOCA RATON, Fla.—With regret, this publication is late in reporting the passing this spring of one of the industry's pioneers, franchisee Jason (Jay) Dubinsky.