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Voice Technology Will Be As Good As Human

Smartphone image on Creative Commons Wikimedia CommonsHow many of your customers have smartphones? That smartphone technology and its ubiquity is revolutionizing restaurants and hospitality establishments. What's on the edge right now is voice interface.

Data Breach at Jimmy John’s Locations

Several online news sites are reporting a possible data breach at Jimmy John's sandwich shops.

Why Tabletop Tablets Won't Replace Servers

Restaurants, including franchises such as Chili’s and Red Robin, across the country have recently begun rolling out tabletop tablets.

Merchandising's Magic Bullet Syndrome

We’ve just recently released our annual Merchandising benchmark report, and with it, we’re starting to see a more focused picture of today’s merchant.

Marketing: Contests Now Allowed on Facebook Page

Jamba Juice on FacebookFacebook has now made it easier for businesses to create and manage promotions.

Does Your In-Room Programming Speak to International Travelers?

NHK World, Japan's English tv channel
NHK World is Japan's English speaking tv channel

TOKYO — When it comes to IT investment projects for 2012, guestroom technologies is topping the list, according to the 2nd Annual Lodging Technology Study conducted by Hospitality Technology magazine.

Retail Business & Technology Expo, New Spring Leaves

Last week I attended the Retail Business and Technology Expo in London. It’s the second year of the show. Their strategy to drive traffic appears to be paying off – registered attendees were reportedly up significantly.

Data Analytics: Target Learns to be Cautious

Kashmir Hill at Forbes has a great article, "How Target Figured Out a Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did."  Short summary: the company looks at buying patterns and can estimate the probability that a regular customer is pregnant.

Retailers BI Expectations Outstrip Reality

Most beneficial channel for real-time business intelligence, RSR Research

data source: RSR Research

Retailers' focus on new business intelligence and analytic capabilities highlights the importance of getting information faster with a greater focus on evaluating the entire value chain from source to consumption

QR Codes for Franchisees

There has recently been a lot of buzz about Taco Bell's QR Code promotion with MTV. This is often pointed out as a great example of a fast food or franchise business using QR Codes but my impression is that most franchise owners are local business people and the Taco Bell-MTV promotion is a better example of two national brands teaming up on a national campaign.