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Potbelly Shares Double in Trading Debut

PotbellyOn Friday, stock investors went bananas for Potbelly Corp's initial public offering. Bloomberg's Leslie Patton reports that Potbelly, a small Chicago-based chain of largely company-owned toasted sandwiches that now trades as PBPB:

Potbelly Files IPO

A customer exits Potbelly in New York
A customer exits Potbelly in New York. photo/bmm

Yesterday Potbelly Corporation filed for a $75 million initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Giant Real Estate Brokerage Re/Max Files for IPO

Re/Max at Park Place, NYC

DENVER—Re/MAX, one of the world's largest real estate brokerage franchisors, announced yesterday that it has publicly filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of stock. The timing of the IPO has not yet been determined.

Is Noodles the New Chipotle?

In the first restaurant initial public offering of the year, Noodles (NDLS) raised almost $100M.

CKE Restaurants Pulls IPO

Bull on Wall Street eludes CKE Restaurants desire for an IPO
Bull on Wall Street eludes CKE Inc

CARPINTERIA, Calif. — CKE Inc announced this evening that it is pulling its initial public offering because of poor market conditions.

Goldman Booted From DNKN Offering

Vampire squid with a donut in tentacles, photoshopped in
Vampire squid with donut in tentacles

The rich aren't perfect, but they can afford a multi-million dollar mistake.

Four Likely Franchisor IPOs for 2010

Cold Stone Creamery, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pinkberry and Harley Davidson are franchisors highlighted by the crack team at Dow Jones Investment Banker (DJIB) as likely candidates for a possible initial public offering in 2010. Here's why.