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Franchisee's Fraudulent Misrepresentation Claims Dismissed because of Franchise Contract Disclaimer

CHICAGO - A district court in Illinois granted a franchisor's motion to permanently dismiss a franchisee's counterclaim that he was given bogus financials related to how much he could expect to make in purchasing a franchise.

Franchise Integration Clause No Protection to Silent Fraud

In a 2-1 decision, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the Wireless Toyz franchisor had a duty to speak despite a merger and integration clause in th

Kiddie Academy Earnings Claims Disclaimed

When is an earnings claim not an earnings claim? When made on FranchiseGator or to the SBA.

Kubota Tractor Mows Down Franchisee

A court rules that a new dealership plopped between two existing dealerships does not substantially change the competitive circumstances of the dealer agreement.

Judge Creates Breakaway: Will Dady & Zastrow Be Shutdown Pair?

Lying is OK if you cross your fingers behind your back. Attorneys call this a "disclaimer."