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Owning Franchise is No Party, Say Zees

Showrooming, mis-use of ad money, virtual encroachment... all the usual suspects.

How to Start an Internet Business with No Money

Here's some short but pithy advice from eHow on working at home.

Internet Tax Bill before Congress Again

A bill before Congress to tax online sales may affect small businesses that sell goods and services online, not just giants like Amazon.

Websites Go Dark in Protest of SOPA, PIPA

Wired magazine is blackened with censors
Jan 18 cover of Wired Magazine

Two bills, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), have website publishers up in arms. They say that if enacted into law, they would be put in the impossible position of policing anything and everything posted on their website or be subject to draconian government penalties.

How the Franchise Industry Misused the Internet, Part 4

This is the fourth of five articles that comprise a White Paper titled The Internet and the Franchise Industry - How an industry misused the Internet.