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Seoul Pioneers World's First Smart Hotel Key

Coming soon to the U.S.?

Personalization vs Relevancy

I have been tempted to declare this year the “Year of Retail Relevancy.” Retailers are getting a better picture of customer behavior in their stores, thanks to more technology touchpoints that can capture what consumers are up to, including consumers’ personal devices.

Let Franchisee Groups Decide IT Solutions

Todd Michaud, a 16-year IT expert who has worked with franchisors Dunkin’ and Focus Brands, writes about the conundrum that franchisors are in when it comes to implementing PCI (payment card industry) data security solutions. Think of what happens when customer financial information is lost or hacked.

The CIO Dilemma: When The Franchisee Wants Cousin Gino For Local Tech Support

“I understand that your cousin Gino might be one of the best technology service providers in central New Jersey, but I’m just not sure if we can use him as part of this program.” One of the classic battles between franchisees and their chain’s CIO is the use of local support resources.

ABA Lawyers Teach How to Silence Franchise Blogs

A workshop for franchise attorneys will kick off Thursday on how franchisors can hush unwanted voices on the Internet. The workshop is entitled "New Media Threats - Responding to Cyber-Attacks" and will be held at the 2008 American Bar Association Forum on Franchising in Austin, Texas.

Online Library Revolutionizes Franchise Investigation

PHOENIX (Blue MauMau) – A new database of free and searchable online franchise documents has been launched today.