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Nathan’s Famous Turns 100! Board Director Wayne Norbitz Recalls History

Nathan Handwerker
Founder Nathan Handwerker, circa 1955 (photo courtesy of Nathan's)

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—At one hundred years old, Nathan's Famous is arguably America's oldest quick service restaurant chain that has franchised restaurants. On July 4th, it will be the gathering ground for the wiener world when Nathan's holds its annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.

Chestnut Breaks World Buffalo Wing Record

Chestnuts chomps world record breaking number of buffalo wings in 2012
Joey Chestnut (above) in today's competition out-eats his wing eating competitors. Photo provided by Major League Eating

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Joey Chestnut has just been crowned the new Buffalo Wing eating champion.

Chestnut Wins 2011 Hot Dog Eating Championship

Joey Chestnut scarfs down 62 hot dogs. Photo taken from ESPN live video

CONEY ISLAND, NY – Four-time eating champion Joey Chestnut of San Jose has just clinched his fifth Mustard Belt at the 2011 Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Bertoletti Takes the Wing-Eating Prize

Left to right: Bertoletti, Chestnut and Sonya Johnson. photo/Wingstop

DALLAS — Underdog Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti has snatched the title of being able to eat the most chicken wings against favored hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut. Bertoletti won the Wingstop World-Eating Championship in Dallas, last Wednesday to take home $5,000.

World Wing Eating Championship Back On

World eating champion Joey Chestnut. photo/Major League Eating

RICHARDSON, Texas — Over a dozen of the world's best eaters are scheduled to compete to eat the most buffalo wings in 12 minutes at the Wingstop World Wing-eating Championship in Dallas.

World's Top Athletes Head to Dallas for Wingstop Wing-Eating Championship

World Champion Joey Chestnut; $10,000 Cash Purse; 1,000 Wings in 12 Minutes

The world’s top athletes will descend on Dallas, TX, on Tuesday, February 1,

Eating Champ Kobayashi Freed from Jail

Kobayashi lifts himself up to see yesterday's competition, Image/Flickr

Joey Chestnut Easily Wins 2010 Nathan's Hot Dog Competition

Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas durin...
Fellow eater Sonya Thomas, a Burger King manager, photo/Wikipedia