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Judge Rules Baskin-Robbins Add-On Charge on Products Is Not a Fee

Baskin-RobbinsA judge has ruled that Baskin-Robbins' "commercial factor" charge on ice cream and related products is not an unauthorized additional fee imposed on its franchisees as the Association of Independent BR Franchise Owners claimed.

Franchisor Accused in Suit of Hiding Kickbacks

Mike Bendfeldt and Betty Muhr-Bendfeldt, who ran 18 Window World locations in 10 states, are charging in a federal court case that their franchisor, Window World, hid from them the kickbacks it was receiving from "sole supplier" and now co-defendant Associated Materials LLC.

Bakers Delight Misappropriation and Hacking Allegations

Bakers Delight Australia franchisees are more than a little disgruntled following the release of an internally leaked Australian marketing fund statement.

Judge Allows Racketeering Claims against Moe's Southwest

A sign of Moe's Southwest Grill in Utah
A sign on a Moe's Southwest Grill restaurant in Utah. photo/bmm

ATLANTA — A district judge has ruled that franchisees may use racketeering claims against Moe's Southwest Grill and its founder in trial. In the lawsuit, franchisees allege that the franchisor has been stealing money from them through a convoluted deceptive kickback scheme connected to its supply chain.

The Cleaning Authority Cleans Out Franchisee Retirement Fund

You can't kickback money to yourself, a court tells Cleaning Authority zees.

Franchisor BP Can Keep Vendor Rebates

Judge Highberger strikes again. A California appellate court has upheld Highberger's ruling in favor of oil giant BP, permitting the franchisor of AMPM gas stations to keep debit card surcharges and vendor kickbacks.

Point: Sue me, Bob Zarco

If Robert Zarco is going to sue everyone who speaks the truth about Cold Stone Creamery, he'd better hire a few more associates.

"Incredible Pizza" Franchisee Loses $46 Million

Lloyd Robert French invested in a new franchise concept and lost $46,995,735 in 6 years.

Metcash Asked to Come Clean

Australia’s Franklins Supermarkets franchisees have called on Metcash to ‘come clean’ over supplier discounts associated with $2B of purchases.