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Log In / Register | Jun 25, 2018

U.S. Workers Rally Troops Globally for $15 Wage

NEW YORK - A group of McDonald's restaurant employees from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are on a mission to eight countries to enlist fast-food workers, unions and elected officials in support of the global movement for higher pay and union rights.

A PR McMess at McDonald's

CNBC's Jane Wells reports on some bad p.r. McDonald's is receiving for its advice to restaurant employees on how to dig out of holiday debt.

Raising Minimum Wage: Helpful or Harmful?

At the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, we are closely watching the minimum wage issue and how it could potentially affect our members and our industry.

Debate: Fast Food to Give Birth to Labor Unions?

Economist Robert Reich says that fast food workers may be the next movement to unionize. He argues why its necessary. Other panelists are skeptical.

Labor’s Latest Attempt to Unionize the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has long been a target for unionization by Big Labor. Despite their best attempts, traditional organization drives, pickets, and strikes have never yielded the results that union bosses wanted. This has left the industry largely free from organized labor’s grasp.