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Tesla CEO Thanks Minnesota for Stalling Unfavorable Bill

Telsa Motors CEO Elon Musk tweeted his thanks yesterday to Minnesota, where state senators blocked a franchise law revision that would have stopped the car company from opening sales locations in the state. But the battle is far from over:

NH Sisters Sued by Moe's Sandwich

Moe's Italian Sandwich parent company Madmoe Corp. is suing sisters Jolene and Betsy Ecker for closing the doors to their Moe's New Hampshire location just eight months after its opening. 

Why Debit Card Fees are Higher Than Ever

In 2010, franchisees won a long, hard-fought battle against the finance industry, as Congress passed a bill which would regulate the exorbitant debit card fees that were being set by credit card companies and banks.

Sotos LLP Launches Franchise Law Blog

Sotos LLP, Canada's leading law firm in franchise law for over 30 years, recently launched a new legal blog.

The Employee with the Dragon Tattoo

Small business and franchise owners, here are important employment law tips for handling a new generation of employees.

Contract Conflict Causes Commotion

Not Happy JanNew Zealand franchise lawyers are grinding their teeth over a Law Society’s pending publication of a standard form franchise contract saying it goes way too far.  Panic could actually hit the fan. 

Banks and Big Boxes Brawl over Debit-Card Fees

On opposite sides of the debit-card-fee fence, both big banks and big retailers nevertheless say that they have the consumer's best interests at heart as they try to win Congress over to their respective points of view. 

Business Anxiety Growing over Obamacare

The provisions mandated by the new U.S. health care law are causing deepening worry among business owners and executives as their implementation draws closer.

Glenn E. Davis of Gallop, Johnson & Neuman Secures $472,000 Arbitration Award

Glenn E. Davis of Gallop, Johnson & Neuman Secures $472,000 Arbitration Award for Medicine Shoppe International in Franchise Dispute Affirmed by Eighth Circuit Court

Tombstone Legislation

The term ‘Tombstone Technology’ came about following a catastrophe that took only minutes and claimed a record 349 innocent lives.  Families were left shattered and others were embarrassed.