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A Thorough FDD Review & Consultation is a Bargain

We spend a lot of time counseling clients who invested in an unsuccessful franchise without ever consulting an attorney.

You Gotta Have (Good) Faith

At the beginning of a franchise relationship, franchisees  are filled with goodwill and warm feelings toward their “partner” franchisor.

Sotos LLP Launches Franchise Law Blog

Sotos LLP, Canada's leading law firm in franchise law for over 30 years, recently launched a new legal blog.

Applebee's Serves Toddler Alcohol

Again!?! Last Friday a 15-month-old was given enough alcohol at an Applebee's restaurant in Madison Heights, Michigan to get him drunk. 

Australian Attorney-General Lawyer Warning

Robert McClelland, the Australian Federal Attorney-General, has stated that anyone entering the present legal system to resolve a dispute was ‘well and truly up the creek without a paddle’.

Creating Affordable Legal Services

These are great times to be a Franchisor. Perhaps it might be better said that these are “the best of times and the worst of times.” Opportunities are truly unlimited and some franchisors are reaching levels of unparalleled success.

Finding Total vs Immediate Risk in the FDD

Even the IFA has asked its membership to stop saying that franchises have a better success rate than independent start ups.

Making Expert Assistance Affordable

I keep trying to think of ways to enable people with perhaps limited resources to have access to a conflict consultancy with me when they are in difficulty.

Franchise Investments - Competent Interdisciplinary Due Diligence

You think you want to buy a franchise. You’ve had the sales pitch and been to Discovery Day, the day the franchisor sets apart to razzle-dazzle franchise buyers.