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The Generation Z Effect on Franchising

If you were born in the 1970s, you’re familiar with vinyl records. Those born in the ‘80s had cassette tapes, and ‘90s teens stored their music on CDs. If you ask a teen today what any of those items are, they probably have no idea.

Franchisees Get A Break From 5th Circuit

It may be the last good news for a long time, at least on the labor front.

Federal Warning to Food Service Employers who Pay Employees Using Payroll/ATM Cards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published a bulletin reminding employers that they cannot require their employees to receive wages on a payroll card.

Liberty Tax Ruled Vicariously Liable for Illegal Franchisee Advertising

Liberty Tax Service
An unrelated franchise outside California advertises its services. photo/bmm

Franchisor Liberty Tax Service was ruled vicariously liable by a California state appellate court for its franchisees' illegal advertising.

Ten Things Every Hotel Borrower Should Know

Buying hotels usually means obtaining financing. Jeffrey Steiner, a hotel attorney, says there are ten things that a hotel buyer may not know about loans.

NLRB Delays Requiring Employers to Post Rights to Unionize

Franchisees and other employers get a short extension of time before they have to comply with the controversial new rule.

Franchise Termination, Old-Style

Modern franchisees can have their franchise terminated for failure to "obey all laws" and be forced to take down their trade dress (brand signs). It turns out that old-style was not much different.

Most Important Franchise Cases of 2010

Looking back, 2010 was a year of significant changes in franchise law, and surprising results in litigation.  In our view, here are the most important cases.

Automobile Dealer Arbitrations

The automobile dealer arbitrations for GM and Chrysler are finished, and I believe they offer insight into how powerful a tool arbitration can be for franchisees (and franchisors).