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Franchisor Hides Willy, Canuck Exposed

Nick-N-Willy lawsuit

A troubled Colorado franchisor has been found in British Columbia.

Ohio Beer Wine Distributors Win over MillerCoors

In July, 2008 Miller and Coors entered into a joint venture that created MillerCoors. In August, 2008, MillerCoors notified a number of beer and wine dealers that MillerCoors was terminating them on the ground that it was a "successor manufacturer" under the Ohio Alchoholic Beverages Franchise Act.

Kubota Tractor Mows Down Franchisee

A court rules that a new dealership plopped between two existing dealerships does not substantially change the competitive circumstances of the dealer agreement.

Inability of 123 Fit Franchisees To Pay For Arbitration Not Grounds For Lifting Litigation Stay

Upholding a franchise arbitration clause, a California court rules that lack of financial resources is not grounds for lifting a stay.

Connecticut Bars Enforcement of Forum Selection Clause

Despite contractual language requiring dispute resolution in Texas, a federal court in Connecticut has held the clause violative of public policy.

Krispy Kreme Wins In Court Against Franchisee

Krispy Kreme fights trademark battle with a delinquent franchisee in New York and wins.

Supreme Court Rules against Shell Oil Franchisees

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ruled Tuesday that Shell Oil dealers in Massachusetts cannot sue their franchisor under the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act, which restricts franchisors from terminating gas station franchise agreements.