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Baker’s Delight Targets 100 Gen Y

DBChristmas in Australia is a hot time for giving so I’m going to give a little early cheer to Bakers Delight. Anyone in serious franchising could really appreciate a strategy to capture a new wave of Gen Y franchisees especially as the old franchisees cannot manage to find a way out.

Metcash Targets Franklins

Australia's Metcash, which includes the IGA independent supermarkets, is hoping to acquire the Franklins chain of 77 corporate and 8 franchisee supermarkets for an estimated $215 million.

Lenard’s Franchise Moves On

It seems the Lenard’s chicken franchise in Australia has moved on from the chaos and disasters of 2003-2009.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman, the ACCC and Bakers Delight

In Australia the Commonwealth Ombudsman investigates complaints relating to alleged non-performance of government agencies.  In this instance the Ombudsman has received a complaint that the ACCC’s investigation into Bakers Delight [COBS in North America] was ‘flawed and lacked procedural fairness’.

Metcash Asked to Come Clean

Australia’s Franklins Supermarkets franchisees have called on Metcash to ‘come clean’ over supplier discounts associated with $2B of purchases.

ACCC Proceeds Against Refund Home Loans

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking action against Refund Home Loans claiming the franchisor misled franchisees regarding a ‘special’ relationship with the ACCC.

ACCC Terrorize Little Folk

In the Brisbane Federal Court, a self-defending little franchisor faces the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in full force and hell bent on arming a Federal Small Business Minister.

Lenards Franchise Verdict, Guilty of Murder

PERTH, Australia - The jury in the Lenards Chicken franchise murder trial has brought back a verdict of ‘guilty of murder' for the leader of the sub-franchisor (aka master franchisee) for Western Australia.

Millionaire Denies Murdering Gay Lover

These pair were the most brutal master franchisees in Australia where their gutter style has been the subject of a number of submissions to the franchising Inquiry in Australia.