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The Biggest Banks for Small Business

US Bank
US Bank, photo by BMM

RALEIGH, N.C. – American financial institutions are lending more of their loan portfolios to small businesses, whether franchised or not.

Community Banks More Likely to Grant Small Business Loans

According to a Federal Reserve 10-state survey released last Thursday, small businesses had better success seeking loans from smaller banks than larger regional or national banks.

Cash Advance Company Wants to Help Small Businesses During Government Shutdown

AS GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN CREATES HAVOC, SMALL BUSINESS FINANCING EXPECTED TO SPUTTER AND GRIND TO A HALT Small business financing leader stepping in to help in time of great need with expedited appro

Lenders Look for Satisfied Small Businesses

WASHINGTON — Victoria Williams, economist for the Small Business Administration, explains to Blue MauMau why small business lending is down.

Franchise Lender CIT Emerges from Bankruptcy, $2.3 Billion Wiped Out

Franchise lender CIT has emerged from Federal Chapter-11 reorganization after only 38 days, but the US Treasury's TARP program (and taxpayers) had the entire $2.3 billion injection claim dismissed (and therefore lost) by Judge Gropper.

CIT: Still Lending, "We have the Money to Continue"

We have just returned from Las Vegas and the  Restaurant Finance and Development Conference.

CIT was a Premiere event sponsor and had staff present at the conference.

CIT Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

After struggling for months to avert bankruptcy, lender CIT Group has filed for Chapter 11 protection in an attempt to restructure its debt while trying to keep badly needed loans flowing to thousands of mid-sized and small businesses.

SBA 504 Interest Rate Hits Low Again

The 20-year fixed interest rate on SBA 504 loan projects has hit a new record low, and this is the fourth time it's happened in the last six months.

CIT Debt Plunges, Lender May Fail

The mighty lender to 950,000 franchises and small businesses is looking increasingly like it may fail, according to experts. One sign is that since becoming a bank in December to qualify for  federal bail-out funds, CIT has bond prices that have plunged to basement-low levels, comparable to securities rated on the brink of default.