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Appeals Court Dismisses Franchisee Claims against Franchisor in Disclosing Confidential Settlement in FDD

AUSTIN, Texas - A U.S. appeals court issued a decision this month upholding the dismissal of claims brought by a franchisee who alleged she was entitled to liquidated damages in the amount of $20 million because the terms of her confidential settlement with franchisor Keller Williams Realty were published in the company's Franchise Disclosure Document.

9th Circuit Upholds Termination of Century 21 Franchisees

Century 21
Photo by Century 21

Madison, NJ - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's decision that Century 21 Real Estate should be allowed to terminate franchisees for not paying required fees and payment on a promissory note, and for abandoning one of their four franchise locations.

Noble Roman's Still Pursuing Franchisees

Pursing phantom royalties from defunct franchisees and pursuing franchise fees from new applicants, Noble Roman's (OTC: NROM) is a puzzling case study in franchising.

Court Rules Meineke Entitled to Franchisee's Lost Earnings

The Fourth Circuit this month sided with a franchisor in its efforts to recover prospective damages under North Carolina law, including lost profits, from a franchisee which it had terminated. 

Radisson Wins Arrears Plus Liquidated Damages

Liquidated damages and arrearages are not mutually exclusive remedies.

Hotel Franchisee Pays Half A Million Dollars for Franchisor's Computer System

A recent case decided by the United States Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit, La Quinta v Heartland Properties, shows again the animosity that most Courts, especially federal Courts, have towards franchisees.

Impertinent Questions In Search of Pertinent Answers

Question:   How is it possible that the largest hotel franchise companies can advertise for new franchisees without even mentioning the major issues: territorial protection, termination and windows provisions, liquidated damages, choice of venue, dispute resolution, vendor exclusivity, minimum performance, etc.?