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Maine Senate Kills Franchise Protection Bill

Maine State Senator John Patrick and Senate President
Maine Sen. John Patrick (D-Rumford), LD1458 co-sponsor, & state Sen. Andre Cushing (R-Hampden), opponent, pose for Blue MauMau on day of LD1458 vote

AUGUSTA, Maine – On Wednesday Maine's state senate voted against Legislative Document 1458, the Small Business Investment Protection Act. In a vote of 24 against and only 10 supporting, the senators essentially killed the current form of the bill.

Maine's House Approves Franchisee Protections!

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine's House of Representatives on Monday passed the Small Business Protection Investment Act LD 1458 by a vote of 75 in support and 60 against.

Franchisee Protections Exist Across the Maine Border in Canada

Five provinces in Canada have passed franchise disclosure and fair franchise relationship laws: Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island.

Maine Franchise Protection Bill Moves to House Floor!

The Rotunda, Maine State Capitol Building
Maine State Capitol Building Rotunda. Photo by J Stephen Conn

AUGUSTA, Maine – The Maine state legislature's Joint Standing Committee on Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development approved on Thursday the Small Business Protection Investment Act LD1458, which passed on to the House floor for debate.

The IFA Has No Risk by Claiming “Sky is Falling” in Maine

Recently the International Franchise Association (IFA) sent out its IFA Insider Newsletter (Vol. 19, Issue No. 47 ) with the following wake-up call to franchisors “next month the Maine legislature will address LD 1458 (Maine Small Business Investment Protection Act), the most far-reaching and harmful franchise relationship legislation in any state in the country”.