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Which Baseball Teams Have the Most Loyal Fans?

It’s just like Yogi Berra said. “A home opener is always exciting whether it's home or on the road," and Major League Baseball opened its 2015 season this week with the cry of 'play ball' accompanied by the release of the 23rd annual Sports Fan Loyalty Index.

MLB Franchises More Valued than Thought

Peek inside Cardinals dugout
Cardinals dugout peek. photo/D Rutledge

The average value of a franchise in Major League Baseball is $1 billion, according to new data compiled by Bloomberg. That number is up.

$2B Dodgers Rocket from Last Place to First

What a relief for a franchise that was acquired for more than $2 billion, and starting the season with a hefty $239 million payroll, to now be headed to the national playoffs.

Nike Nixes Ryan Braun Sponsorship

Nike dumped disgraced Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun, suspended for the remainder of the season for alleged drug violations – the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Which Team Has the Most Loyal Fans?

With the official cry of ‘play ball’ yesterday, the 2012 MLB season began. It was accompanied by the christening of a new ballpark for the Miami Marlins, a 20th-anniversary park celebration for St. Louis, and the release of The Brand Keys 2012 Sports Loyalty Index.

Bankrupt Zee Owes Employee $25M

A former franchise employee is owed almost $25 million by his now-bankrupt former employer.