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Dunkin’ Employee Gives Extra Sugar


Employers, do you know what your employees are doing during breaks? You just might want to know.

Abusive Franchises, Freedom Is Not Free

There is a mistaken belief that what franchisees really need in order to facilitate rationalizing franchise relationships into harmonious mutual peace and profit making is a collective voice competently expressing franchisee needs to a “reasonable” franchisor.

Stymied by Government Policies

Thomas Sowell, economist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, writes that Washington is playing havoc with the recovery.

De-Humanizing Customers

Have you ever heard of people feeling they were treated differently as customers because they were elderly, female, Australian or whatever?  In reality it isn’t so often that they are treated differently as much as it is that they were treated indifferently. They were simply just not a good fit for the operator’s preferences in customers.

Introverts Can Be the Best Leaders

Many people are natural introverts who try to keep that fact on the QT from others who may want to marginalize them because of it.

Self-Made Management Titan Teams With Franchise Development Leader

Chicago, IL (October 15, 2009) — Craig Slavin, a well-known
innovator, entrepreneur and 35-year veteran in the field of business franchise
development and deployment, is pleased to announce that

Complaints That Produce Profit

In a recent study of customer complaints undertaken by one large franchise network it was found that of the customer complaints received over a 3 year period 92.7% were based in poor communication, including negative body language, that had directly caused complaints and antagonized customers. 

Ogilvy Advice on Building a Business

The editor of Fortune shares advice for building and running a business given to her by legendary advertising guru, Britain-born David Ogilvy of marketing juggernaut Ogilvy & Mather (now the WPP Group).

Franchisee Compliance Due Diligence

Twenty five years ago, before automatic POS systems tracked and forwarded business information of all sorts from franchisee to franchisor; back when it was still a new thing that you could remotely