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Consistency, Convenience Needed in Takeout

Carry out or dine in
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CHICAGO—51 percent of consumers report that they order takeout at least once a week, according to a recent finding by foodservice researcher Technomic.

Independence Day: Americans, Presidents Drink

CHICAGO — As many American adults prepare to break out the Uncle Sam hats and partake of a few adult beverages, food service researcher Technomic shines a spotlight on the country’s dynamic domestic adult beverage market.

Hotel Top-Line Extends To Bottom-Line

Source: PKF Hospitality Research, LLC

Hotel developers are attracted to extended-stay (ES) hotels because of the relative simplicity of their operations and high profit margins.

Forty Percent Loyal to Favorite Restaurant Regardless of Promotions

Loyalists versus Bargain Hunters
Question: Which of the following best describes you?
NPD: Loyalists vs Bargain Hunters at restaurants
Source: The NPD Group/ How Consumers Choose to Eat Out

CHICAGO —More than forty percent of consumers say they are loyal to their favorite restaurants and will go there whether or not the establishment has a promotion, reports market researcher The NPD Group.

Restaurant Visits with Kids Flat in 2012

CHICAGO — In 2012 adult-only restaurant visits grew for the first time in four years while visits that included children remained flat for the second consecutive year, according to a market r

Valentine’s Shoppers Procrastinate

Valentine's Day Gift Purchases
Data: The NPD Group/SnackTrack Holidays Valentine's Day Profile

CHICAGO — Seventy-eight percent of shoppers will not begin to shop for Valentine's Day until at least a week before, finds a recent survey by market researchers The NPD Group .

Gender Differences among Franchise Owners

A perusal of the data would suggest that women are less successful in franchising than their male counterparts.

Chain Restaurants Hold, Indies Down

CHICAGO — The United States saw 5,551 fewer restaurants in the Fall of 2010 compared to 2009, according to a market researcher.