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The Lesson from Maine on Franchisee Protection Legislation

The recent defeat of the Franchisee Protection Bill in Maine speaks volumes about the future of these bills. From the state of Maine, birthplace of Dorothea Dix, John Ford, Stephen King and Longfellow, the legislature has sent a message to those who advocate franchisee protection legislation.

McDonald's Mighty Wings Problem: What is Going On at HQ?

The restaurant business is dynamic and ever changeable. You can never tell what consumers will do.

McDonald's Presents at Goldman Sachs on September 11 2013: No Problemo, Man

McDonald's (MCD) COO Tim Fenton and CFO Pete Benson presented at the Goldman Sachs Retail conference today. These discussions are strictly dog and pony show and of limited duration and use. Still, interesting tones can be picked up.

Maccas Sells Milk

McDonalds Australia has installed an Australia Day name change to the locally abbreviated Maccas while one franchisee expands on the menu.

Franchising Can Learn a Lesson from Great NFL Coaches

Franchisors and franchisees can benefit from the leadership style and management skills of the NFL’s great coaches.Being an avid sports fan, I’ve had the benefit of watching professional football for a number of years.

Memo to McDonald's: Fix the Reporting!

It’s happened again: McDonald’s (MCD) weak same store sales results for October announced today threatened to take down the entire restaurant space stock platform.

McDonalds Vegetarian Only Outlets

McDonalds India is set to open two meat free outlets due to local religious preferences. Already McDonalds in India do not have beef or pork on their menus.

McDonalds Hunt At Franchising Expos

This year has seen McDonalds showing their wares at Franchising Expos around the country. The surprise move may reflect on the general major decline in franchise inquiries in Australia or possibly McDonalds have decided to step up Australian expansion.

Restaurant Sales and Earnings Misses Due to Marketing Miscues?

In May, a batch of disappointing restaurant sales/and/or earnings news were delivered: Wendy’s (WEN), Red Robin (RRGB) and Ruby Tuesday’s (RT).

McDonalds Slows as Families Suffer

At the height of the GFC Australian franchisor Harvey Norman established itself as an economic barometer. Now Australia is possibly seeing another franchise economic indicator in McDonalds Australia performance.