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PODCAST: California State Senators Hear Franchise Owners Speak on Need for Good Faith in Franchise Relations

(PODCAST) SACRAMENTO — California state senators listened to franchise owners and associations ask for passage of Senate Bill 610 yesterday. Authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson [D-Santa Barbara], the bill was crafted to bolster good faith in a franchisor's dealings with franchisees and the right to associate without fear of reprisal.

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Was the U.S. Market for McDonald's Franchises Saturated 15 Years Ago?

McDonald’s Corporation is ramping up the growth rate of new restaurants in the U.S.A. We can understand the challenge management faces. They must keep total sales growing to increase corporate income.

10 Fastest Franchising Chains that Made It through the Recession (with Baggage)

During the recession, Dunkin' became known for spying on its franchisees

In a who's who list of what this journal considers as some of the most abusive franchise systems over the past few years, Forbes lists the top franchise chains that have sold the most opened franchise units through the Great Recession. It throws in a few strong franchisors to help wash the soiled ones.

MCD Zee Gets Grilled Over Electioneering

Payroll and politics don't mix. An Ohio franchisee who put a note in his employee paychecks is in hot water, according to AP wire reports.

McDonald's Pays a Man Thousands of Dollars for Getting Fat

 A unique form of quality control at Mickey D's