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Australia Follows UN Arbitration Path

Piece by piece Australia introduces legislation to allow the legal profession a shot at competing for the large Arbitration market.

New Auto Dealers Arbitration: Faster, Cheaper

Congress just passed a bill to allow terminated auto dealers to arbitrate their termination under an expedited procedure.  The procedure highlights the issue of faster, cheaper, that I've been discussing.

The System Doesn't Work

How can he see he's got flies in his eyes if he's got flies in his eyes? (Orr to Yossarian in Catch 22) 

W12: Mediating the Franchise Dispute

At this year's ABA Forum on Franchising event held in Toronto, attorneys Peter Klarfeld of law firm Gray Plant Mooty, Michael K. Lewis from dispute resolution organization JAMS, and Peter Silverman of Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick, came together to discuss the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of mediating instead of litigating a franchise dispute.

The Lucky Country

No one disputes that there are lucky franchisees in systems where a relationship with a reputable franchisor is repairable when a conflict arises.