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Buying a Franchise is Riskier than Ever

risk, high wire walk in owning a franchise

Critics, including this journal, say that buying a franchise is riskier than ever, that the reality of the franchise system is often purposefully and skillfully hidden and that it is easier to fail nowadays once you plunge in.

Dream Dinners Breaks Franchise Law Again

Dream Dinners storefront

SNOHOMISH, Wash. – Dream Dinners, Inc, a meal assembly franchisor that allows customers to prepare and take home dinners for their families, is once again in violation of Washington’s franchise law.

Be Your Own Boss Fallacy Turns on Franchisors

ABA Forum Legal Workshop

LOS ANGELES – For decades many franchisees have purchased their businesses on franchisors’ premise of “be your own boss,” suggesting that an independent businessperson can control his destiny better than working for someone else.

Questions for 32,500 Hotel Franchisees

Here are questions for 32,500 franchised hotel owners and the answers.

Do Not Sign General Releases

Franchisees often find that they have been wronged by their franchisor, but are unable to pursue relief because they signed a general release of all claims against the franchisor.

Best Oneline Response

Here is one of the best oneliners that this auditorily gifted owl has heard in some time. Asks one franchisor attorney to his cohorts today on a legal email listing service: