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Puzder Confirmation as Labor Secretary Pushed Back after Worker Protests Ignite

Fight for $15, organized under the Service Employees International Union, is fighting hard against Andrew Puzder, CEO of fast food chain CKE Restaurants, hoping to derail his Senate confirmation as U.S. Labor Secretary.

New York AG, DOL, Settle with 3-Store Papa John’s Franchisee for $500K

NEW YORK - Franchisees of three Papa John's Pizza restaurants settled with the New York Attorney General's office and the U.S. Department of Labor last month for $500,000 to reimburse more than 200 exploited workers for back wages they were owed.

Australia: Pizza Hut Underpaying Delivery Drivers

As of 2015, Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum Brands was one of the largest franchise operations in the world, with about 11,000 franchises worldwide. The company's operating model features selling pizza and side dishes like chicken wings and other pizza-related products.

IFA's Appeal against Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Law Rejected Again

Seattle. Photo by Howard Ignatius

SEATTLE - The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week denied the International Franchise Association's arguments against Seattle, that if granted would have blocked portions of the city's new $15 an hour minimum wage.

Why the Franchise Industry Can't Solve the U.S. Wage Problem

Raising the minimum wage in certain industries won't change the economic realities of what's causing the problem.

Labor Protests for $15/Hour Pay Off for LA and NY Workers

Strike for higher wage
NY worker protest to raise wage in front of McDonald's." Photo/Fightfor15

BREAKING: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed a boisterous rally today following the Wage Board's historic recommendation to raise pay to $15 for the state's 200,000 fast-food workers. On the board's recommendations, the governor announced, "This is going to help hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, but this is going to do something else. Because when New York acts, the rest of the states follow."

Increase in NY Minimum Wage to $15 Can Backfire in More Ways than One

The opening statement from the NY Times is a bit of a reach but this move will have negative repercussions for certain franchise sectors.

McDonald’s Workers Swarm HQ to Demand $15 Wage

McDonald's workers protest at its worldwide headquarters before its stockholder's meeting
Workers march Wednesday at McDonald’s HQ. (photo: Berlin Rosen)

OAK BROOK, Ill.—The Service Employees International Union announced that it had organized the largest protest in history against McDonald's (NYSE:MCD). According to the union, 5,000 cooks, cashiers and workers marched Wednesday afternoon on McDonald's corporate office in Oak Brook, Illiniois.

Tax Day Worker Strikes Intensify in 236 Cities

Atlanta Tax Day Protests Photo by Steve Eberhardt, BerlinRosen

NEW YORK - Yesterday's slogan "Fight 4-15" showed unanimity on tax day among not only fast food workers in the United States, but also health, home, child care workers, airport services, retail employees, adjunct professors and students in major cities across the country and globe on raising minimum wage.

A New Day for Franchisor Liability

Detroit fast food workers strike for $15 minimum wage, 2014
Arrested Detroit fast food workers strike for $15 minimum wage

After the National Labor Relations Board filed complaints against franchisor McDonald's Corporation last December to determine if the chain is a "joint employer" with its franchisees, franchisor attorneys are nervous.